AT Museum Banquet 2014-041_2If you are interested in John Beaudet’s work, you can get in touch with him via text or phone at 423.483.0306 or send him an e-mail at


3 Responses to Contact

  1. Loretta Melancon says:

    Great site, Frances! It’s about time others get to enjoy John’s art and get to know this special, gentle mountain man.

  2. Missy Russell says:

    I was thrilled to see this news of a website that would allow people to enjoy the art , the knowledge and the amazing experiences that John has had throughout his life. I had the privilege of knowing John when he was living in Dallas and working in the golf industry. He was kind enough to volunteer his time and teach a group of high school kids to play golf……actually, he rescued me, a girl with no knowledge of golf who somehow got APPOINTED To be the high school golf coach. He coached and gave me the credit! We became dear friends and I learned so much from John……but I always knew there was something far more special about John. He needed to be ON THE TRAIL, living one with nature. I’m thrilled he has been able to find his home in a perfect spot in our amazing world. What an honor to know him and I look forward to following his blog and learning through his talents and experiences. Thank you, Frances for creating this site.
    Missy Russell

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