John Beaudet, “Bodacious,” TEHCC Maintainer of Year 2016

Friday night, April 7, John was named Tennessee Eastman Hiking and Canoeing Club Maintainer of Year 2016. This was the introduction:

“His first participation as hiker with our club was Hard Core 2007 while we were digging 3,700 feet of new trail near Cherry Gap. By 2010 he was working with us regularly. The quality of his trail building, whether it is simple sidehill or rock steps, is second to none. By his example he has improved the quality of our trail building ever since.

“And he does not sacrifice quantity for quality. He goes at 100% for him, which is equivalent to about 180% for the rest of us. If there is a big rock to move, he is there. He visualizes the end result and strategizes a plan to accomplish it. At the end of a big day, he literally cannot walk back to the vehicles without resting several times along the way because he used all his energy at the work site.

He has made the AT a much better place as well as making us other maintainers better. But he really does not like to cut weeds!”


About Frances Figart

Editor of The Laurel of Asheville and Plough to Pantry.
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5 Responses to John Beaudet, “Bodacious,” TEHCC Maintainer of Year 2016

  1. Loretta Melancon says:

    Congratulations, John! It’s about time that your unique abilities and love for trails is recognized publicly. Rock man, Mountain man, and now Family man are all qualities I will forever admire in you, my friend. No wonder I knew you were “special” from the first time we met in the Ouachitas!

  2. Jim Giff says:

    Congrats “Bodacious”. I always like to see a trail maintainer get recognition. Keep up the good work. Jim Gifford (Ouachita Mountain Hikers)

  3. Missy Russell says:

    Congratulations John.. wonderful to hear that you are living life to the fullest while making life better for all!
    My husband and I are going to come see you and meet Frances!
    Hugs to you and yours……

  4. Richard G Ericson says:

    John, I hiked behind you a few years back when you helped Loretta plan some trails for the Ouachita Mtn. Hikers. Glad to see you are still firing on all cylinders. Hope to meet you again.
    Congrats….Rick Ericson, Hot Springs Village, AR

  5. Don McGowan says:

    Congratulations my friend, an honor well-deserved. Walk in Beauty. Don

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