About Bodacious

John with fiancé Frances Figart.

John with fiancé Frances Figart. Photo by Dan Innamorato.

John Beaudet has completed the Appalachian Trail four times and has done many other long distance hikes. He is best known for creating the hand-carved walking sticks that are presented each year to each of the inductees to the Appalachian Trail Museum’s Hall of Fame.

Bodacious was a nickname given to John by his older siblings when he was growing up in East Texas. It later became the perfect “trail name” (it is a tradition that each thru hiker chooses an alias to be known by among the AT community).

John is a member of the Tennessee Eastman Hiking and Canoeing Club’s AT Trail Maintenance Team. The club manages maintenance of 130 miles of the AT from Spivey Gap to Damascus.

1 Response to About Bodacious

  1. Loretta Melancon says:

    Great picture! and congratulations on your engagement!

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